- KLTADC Vision, Mission Statements & Core Beliefs -


Vision 2022-2023


Mission Statements

1. The KLTADC is to promote Korean teachers’ professionalism for the greater vision to globalize the Korean language.

2. The KLTADC is to maintain the fellowship and unity of the Korean language teachers.

3. The KLTADC is to support the exchange of useful teaching materials and effective teaching methodologies applicable to the Korean language teachers.


Core Beliefs

Everyone :

● can learn, but not all can teach.

● makes mistakes that they can learn from.

● deserves the highest respect at any time and in any situation.

Every student :

● is capable of high achievement. Consistent effort and effective strategies are the main determinants of success.

● performance lies on teacher capacity and ability.

● is not supposed to understand everything the first time around. Care, perseverance and craftsmanship are what count.

● works together with others and solicits help and lots of feedback on his or her work.

Every teacher :

● should adjust to student needs.

● uses resources balanced with a lifetime learner emphasis.

● focuses on collaboration with each other.

● becomes a proficient and advanced teaching profession.

● becomes a fluent technology creator and user.